Workshop Content

The Cause of Disease

We will discuss the causes of disease and develop an understanding of our true nature. We will study the five elements and their ten pair of qualities and relate that back to our experience. This knowledge forms the foundation for our further study.

Determining Your Constitution

Ayurveda identifies body constitution as the combination of two elements. This is called our Dosha. We will use class handouts and exercises to help make this a fun discovery. An understanding of ourselves will emerge. I will qualify the results with pulse diagnosis.

Identifying Imbalances

Once your dosha has been determined we will study the imbalances that can occur with each Doshic type which is called "Vikruti". Through this exploration you will be able to understand your own imbalances.


Here we will study how to balance the Doshic Vikruti. Using hydration techniques, food program, and the five sense therapies you will be able to develop your own self care and lifestyle diary that will bring about optimum health for yourself.

Enviornmental Influences

We will study how sound, color, emf and touch affect our consciousness. In this investigation we will develop a new understanding of "mind" and how to protect it. We will cover Aromatherapy, Abyanga, pranayama, nasal cleansing, eye washing,  and learn how to change with the seasons.

Lifestyle Routines

Ayurveda is not a pill it is a lifestyle. By developing routines that balance and nourish we can extend the things we have learned in this workshop into our daily lives and live in balance. By the end of class, we will have our "Instruction Manual" for our body and it's specific needs.